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3-2-43 Nishiohamakita, Sakaide City

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1 minute from Sakaide-kita IC, Okayama, 12 minutes from Sakaide IC, from other than Okayama, 7 minutes from JR Sakaide Station

  • By car route

    Access method 1: Osaka et al
    From Honshu side Sakaide-kita IC 1 minute to Sakaide-kita IC - get off at the traffic light immediately after the first building

    Access method 2: Shikoku area
    From Shikoku direction down to the direction Takamatsu 12 minutes to Sakaide IC ~ Sakaide IC from Sakaide IC, soon to Sakaide city district


    Sakaide IC is half-inter, I can not get down from Shikoku area (get off Sakaide IC)
  • Via Seto Ohashi Bridge

  • Shimanami via the highway

  • Hotel surrounding MAP

    *People coming from the direction of Okayama Seto Ohashi Bridge are 1 minute from Sakaide-kita IC,
     Those coming from Kobe Akashi Kaikyo-ohashi Bridge area, Ehime area, Tokushima area are 13 minutes from Sakaide IC.

    ○Convenience Store, "GS, "Bank
    ○Sports Facilities, ○post office

    Parking lot 100 possible(Free)

    If you have anything you do not understand when going out, such as detailed information around the hotel and access to sightseeing spots, please feel free to contact the front desk.