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From 6:10 to 8:30(Breakfast can be purchased on the same day until 8:20)

 660 yen(tax included)
  • Homemade breakfast buffet

    Homemade breakfast buffet with homemade tofu and homemade bread.
    Both Japanese and Western cuisine are served in a generous buffet with fresh coffee.
    Freshly baked fried eggs are also super size with regards such as wiener.

    ~Contents of breakfast in one day~
    ·Fresh baked bread
    ·Freshly baked salt mackerel(salted salmon)
    ·Was there homemade tofu
    ·Fresh vegetable salad
    ·Setouchi specialties, Taco Rice
    ·Homemade rich raw yogurt
    ·Authentic, Freshly ground morning coffee
    • Homemade yogurt
      It takes a long time to make it using our original method
      Homemade yogurt is mellow yogurt with little sourness.
      Even those who are not good at yogurt can eat it deliciously.
      It is said to be delicious than any yogurt.
      Have a very rich and rich yogurt
    • Fresh bread
      The bread that is baked in the kitchen every morning
      A deliciously fragrant and crispy dish.
      There are various tastes and I wonder which one to eat.
      Other crispy croissants with plenty of butter
      Homemade bread is also recommended, so it is recommended for those who like bread
    • Homemade curry
      Homemade curry made at this facility!
      An owner who likes curry devises a recipe himself,
      The curry is made after trial and error.
      The curry at this facility is not too spicy even for small children
      It is also edible.
      Everyone loves curry is one of the popular menus at this facility
  • Restaurant scenery

    Breakfast restaurant! Build up fresh buffet and coffee
    For breakfast there is a real coffee machine with freshly brewed coffee from the beans
    • Welcome drink service
      The coffee machine at the property is open daily from 15:00 to 21:00 for free.
      Why don't you relax with coffee made by grinding Colombian beans or cappuccino made with freshly ground expresso?
      Juice is provided for children, so those with children are also welcome.