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Training camp

Ideal for sports training camps and cultural training camps

●Charge1 Night/ 2 Meals Included >>, 6,000 yen, (Tax·Service Fee included)¥ 6,300
 1 Night/ 3 Meals Included >>, ¥ 6,500, (Tax·Service Fee included)¥ 6,825
●RoomJapanese room 21 square meters·Large room 45 sq m·Twin·Triple variety
 Private room (the same charge) for teachers and OBs is also OK! (Please contact us as there are limited rooms.)
●Meal(option)BBQ >>, 2,000 yen in addition to the normal fee additional (rental of equipment free)
 Comp >>, Companion person 3,000 yen added after dinner
 When dinner is made for companion, free correspondence OK!
 Bring drinks OK!
●Banquet rooms Free to use!
 Available for 10 to 150 people.Ideal for seminar / seminar camp!
 Whiteboard rental free
●Observation bathhouse(Bathing allowed 24 hours at the training camp)Recommended! You can see the night view of Seto Seto Ohashi Bridge and Asahi of Seto.
  • ※However, except Golden Week, Obon (8/12 to 8/16) and New Year (12/31 to 1/3).

    I will support sports!
    Please also inform us of indoor events and events.

Information on surrounding facilities

  • ①, Bannosu Park

    【Facility content】baseball Ground
    【Contact】Sakaide City Board of Education Physical Education Section
     TEL: 0877-46-3111
    【Closed days】baseball Ground:End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】
  • ②, Soccer field, Bannosu

    【Facility content】Football
    【Contact】TEL: 0000-00-0000
    【Closed days】

    【Utilization time】
  • ③, Sakaide Municipal Gymnasium

    【Facility content】Large and small arena, Training room(For general use, For infants), Banquet rooms, other
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-45-6670
    【closing day】Monday, End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】9: 00-17: 00
  • ④, Tsunoyama Athletic Park heated pool

    【Facility content】Heated pool, Training room,
     Athletic field for children, other
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-49-4770
    【closing day】Wednesday, End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】13:00 to 20:00
         (However, from July to August from 10:00 20:00)
  • ⑤, Utazu Town Gymnasium

    【Facility content】
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-49-8007
    【closing day】Monday, End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】Weekday day·Saturday/From 19:00 to 21:00
          Sunday·public holiday/8:00 to 21:00
  • ⑥, Dual Sports Center

    【Facility content】baseball Ground, Swimming Pool
    【Contact】TEL: 0879-46-0925
    【closing day】End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】8:00 to 21:00
  • ⑦, Hanzan General Athletic Park

    【Facility content】gymnasium, Tennis court(4 sides), Multipurpose Plaza
    Kids Square, Waterside square, Culture park,
    Fureai square, A promenade, other
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-98-6800
    【Closed days】Monday year-end and New Year holidays
    【Utilization time】8: 30-21: 30
  • ⑧, General Sports Center

    【Facility content】Athletic stadium, Tennis court(8 sides)
     Outdoor swimming pool, Freedom square
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-23-4733
    【closing day】Monday, End of Year/Beginning of Year
    【Utilization time】Athletics stadium: 8: 30 to 17: 00
    Tennis court: 8: 30-21: 00 (from December until 17: 00 in February)
    Pool: 10: 30 to 18: 00(Opening period: 7/10 to 8/20)
  • ⑨, Dokigawa Kasenjiki Park

    【Facility content】
    【Contact】TEL: 0877-98-6800
    【Utilization time】
  • ⑩, Shamijima Beach

    【Facility content】Beach
    【Contact】TEL: Temporary phone only during the season

    【Facility content】Ideal for theater / choral / music performance / seminar!