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Flow of the legal process, ~ Because it is an important person, we will carefully offer you our heart ~

●In case of work at the hotelLaw (break, entertainment to the temple) ⇒ Grave visits (compartmentalized, bus transfers) ⇒ Kaiseki meal
●Working at home, meal at hotelLaw(Bus transfer)⇒a visit to a grave(Bus transfer)⇒Kaiseki meal
●Working at home, in the case of meals at home or venueLegal ⇒ Cookery Delivery ⇒ Catering ⇒ Farewell at the venue or at home ⇒ clearing up leftover food and dishes

  • We will pick you up from your grave and bring you a free bus from your home.(10 people or more)

    Accommodation for those who use legal requirements.

Guide of the venue

  • Western style


  • ◆Legendary party meal
    The venue of the hotel will be prepared according to the number of people.
    You can choose between Japanese and Western rooms.
  • Shinobu-remembrance-Kaiseki meal

     ¥ 8,316(Tax·Service Fee included)
    ※We serve catered dishes here
  • Tokiwa Kaiseki meal

    ¥ 7,128(Tax·Service Fee included)
  • Setouchi Kaiseki meal

    ¥ 5,940(Tax·Service Fee included)

For takeaway·Cash on delivery

  • Please order with dishes.In addition, we will prepare in accordance with the consultation.
  • Take away red meal

    Red-boiled take-away
    800 yen(864 yen)
    1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
    1,500 yen(¥ 1,620) ※The red rice in the photo is 1,296 yen
  • Takeawaki sushi

    ※Sushi rolls of photographs 1,296 yen Take-away sushi for takeout
    1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
    1,500 yen(¥ 1,620)
    ¥ 1,800(1,994 yen)
  • Hand raised food set

    ¥ 1,620

    ※tax included·Service Fee excluded
    ※Products of fruits and dried goods vary depending on the season.We receive consultation according to set contents and fee.
  • Bunny head set

    1,404 yen
    ※Consultation will be received according to the contents of the set and fee.

    Green and white Joyo (yam) manju(10 credits)
     1,404 yen
  • Tea set

    ¥ 2,700
    ※tax included·Service Fee excluded
    ※We will assemble according to the amount.
Price list◆Your law
Legal altar(candle, Incense incense set)     ¥ 21,000

◆Aristocratic equipment
A god of flowers(pair)
3,000 yen(3,240 yen)
Overlap mochi(pair)
1,200 yen(1,296 yen)
Small mochi
100 yen(¥ 108)
Buns head
150 yen(¥ 162)
Hanabi(Three pairs)
3,000 yen(3,240 yen)
A cake
300 yen(¥ 324)
Buddhist service meal·Special tea cup for the Buddhist altar
Fruit package
¥ 2000(2,160 yen)
Bamboo grass
¥ 10,000(10800 yen)
Tae(Confectionery·Buns head)
¥ 10,000(10800 yen)
¥ 1,000(1,080 yen)
Buddhist service meal(Shingon Buddhism)
¥ 1,000(1,080 yen)
Golden seal
100 yen(¥ 108)
Nursery items (seaweed, tea etc.)
¥ 2000(2,160 yen)
Legal bag(Buddhist memorial service)
200 yen(216 yen)