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  • Recommended! Sightseeing spots around Kagawa prefecture

    • Shikoku Aquarium

      Shikoku Aquarium

      An aquarium opened in 2020 in Utazu Town with the theme of the sea and rivers of Shikoku.
      Various fish such as the Kuroshio in Kochi and the fish that live in the rivers of Shikoku are displayed.
      Among them, most of the centerpiece dolphin pool swim leisurely in the back of the Setouchi Sea.
      The figure of jumping with the sunset in the background is a must-see.

      ※Image provided:Shikoku Aquarium
    • Seto Sky Mirror

      Parents beach

      Uyuni salt lake in Japan and famous beach.
      It has been spotlighted in recent years as an Instagram-worthy spot.
      Please enjoy two types of hot springs, the Komorie Onsen, which is a private source of Nigorigo-yu, which has plenty of reflection on the surface of the water like a mirror as the sunset and tides rise and fall.
      How about taking a picture?

      Image provided:Mitoyo City Tourism Exchange Bureau
    • Kotohira-gu

      Sanuki's Konpira-san as "Sanuki's Konpira-san"
      Kotohira-gu is famous as the god of the sea.
      When climbing the 785 long stone steps
      The main shrine will welcome you so that you will be tired.
      Even today, in the familiar Kotohira-gu that is familiar to the common people of Japan
      There is no time when the appearance of a person is lost.
    • Road Station Shodoshima Olive Park

      Olive plantation on a hill overlooking the sea.
      The famous white windmill was built as a token of friendship with the sister island of Milos, Greece.
      A live-action version of Kiki's Delivery Service location set has also been relocated to the park.
      Please make a memorable piece in the olive field that spreads all over.

      Image provided:Road Station Shodoshima Olive Park
    • Yayoi Kusama "Red Pumpkin" 2006 Naoshima/Miyaura Port Greenery Photo/Daisuke Aochi


      Known as the island of art, Naoshima is about 1 hour by ferry from Takamatsu Port and about 30 minutes by high-speed boat.There are three villages on the island: Miyanoura, where ferries depart, Honmura, which is based on a castle town during the Warring States period, and Tsumuura, a fishing port. There are also three museums on a small island. There are also many art works.It is also the venue for the Seto International Art Festival, which is held every three years.
  • Recommended! Sightseeing spots around Kagawa prefecture

    • Ritsurin garden

      About 370 years ago, the Feudal lord of Takamatsu of Feudal lord of Takamatsu, Takatoshi Ikoma-ko started building a banquet, and the Takamatsu Clan has built up the generations of Tengoku, Richin Ritsurin garden.
      The koi is swimming elegantly in the pond which is divided into the south garden Daimyo garden "south garden" and "moderately modernistic"north garden", which is familiar with the"Taiko Bridge"nicknamed the Engetsu-kyo Bridge.
    • Seto Ohashi Bridge

      Between the island and Sakaide is the Minami Bisan Seto Bridge, 1,723 m in length and the Kita Bisan Seto Bridge with a total length of 1,611 m.
      Minami Bisan Seto Bridge bridge is the world's longest bridge as a combined railroad and road, the height of the main tower is 194 m, the height of the bridge girder is 65 m from the sea level, and the large tanker can easily pass through.
    • New Reoma Resort

      Resort facility equipped with New Reoma World, the largest large-scale theme park in Shikoku.
      Starting with an amusement park equipped with attractions such as large ferris wheels, sightseeing boats, and roller coasters,
      The Oriental trip, which reproduces the remains of Asia and other places, and restaurants where you can enjoy Sanuki Wine and craft beer are the highlights.Pool in summer.
      Also, the winter illuminations are the largest in Chugoku and Shikoku!
      There are plenty of events that you can enjoy, such as a show that uses the first projection mapping in western Japan.
    • Image provided:Higashikagawa City Tourism Association

      Shirotori Zoo

      The only zoo in Kagawa prefecture.
      The number of tigers raised is the largest in Japan.
      There are animals that you can freely walk around and touch in the park.
      A small zoo where you can enjoy interacting with each other, such as feeding.
      If the time is right, you may be able to meet a baby Tiger. .. ..
  • Kagawa Prefecture gourmet map

    Introducing delicious restaurants in Kagawa Prefecture
    • Toriichitsuru with bones, Tachikawa

      One of the most famous gourmet foods in Kagawa prefecture is the skeleton bird.
      The chicken with bones with special spices is a dish that goes well with beer.
      You can choose a chick that tastes better as you chew and a chick that is soft and easy to eat.
      Eat the one you like.

      【Opening Hours】
      Weekdays 11:00 to 14:00 (LO13:45) 17:00 to 22:00(LO21:30)
      Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00 to 22:00(LO21:30)
      【Regular holiday】 Wednesday
      【Parking】96 units(Free)
    • Gamo Udon

      Old-fashioned shop arrangements and rich country scenery are impressive.Please eat udon outside in the season when rice earns head.

      【Opening Hours】From 8:30 to 13:00(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】Every Sunday/Monday
      【Parking】23 units(Free)
    • Tamura Udon

      It is an old-fashioned rustic Udon Shop using plenty of wheat abundantly.
      【Opening Hours】From 9:00 to 13:00
      【Regular holiday】Every Sunday/holiday
      【Parking】30 units
    • Okasen

      Origin was in Sakaide Station-front of Sakaide Station-front.Please eat the famous "Hiyaten Oroshi, chilled tempura with grated radish over noodles" or "Bukkake Oroshi, grated Japanese radish thrown on noodles".

      【Opening Hours】11:00 to 20:00
      【Regular holiday】Every Monday/Tuesday(Open on public holidays)
      【Parking】41 units(Free)

    • Hinode Seimenjo

      It is the Udon Shop the shortest opening hours in the prefecture, which is only one hour at noon.This is also a passion I want you to eat freshly made fish.

      【Opening Hours】11: 30-12: 30(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】Irregular holiday
      【Parking】8 units
    • Nakamura

      Too it became famous, the ultimate self-shop that cut the green onions on their own.Recently I do not have to go on pickling green onions.

      【Opening Hours】9: 00-14: 00(Upon completion of noodles)
      【Regular holiday】Tuesday
      【Parking】20 cars
    • Yamakoshi udon

      A famous store with a history of 60 years at the birthplace of Kamatama Udon.

      【Opening Hours】From 9:00 to 13:30
      【Regular holiday】Wednesday/Sunday
      【Parking】200 units(Free)